Work Effects Contributes HR Content to Canadian-based Troy Media

Since the beginning of March, 2011, Work Effects has been contributing articles on the topics of leadership development, trust, organizational development, and performance management to Canadian-based Troy Media, a leading content provider to hundreds of media outlets both in Canada and around the world.

Recent published articles have been on a variety of topics: "Why don't we trust our leaders?", "Creating habits, establishing accountability, building leaders," and "Creating a high performance coaching culture." These articles, along with others on similar topics, are helping to educate Troy Media readers on what it takes to develop trustworthy leaders and organizations. One objective is to begin to establish Work Effects as a reliable thought leader to the media around the globe.

"Troy Media is a fast-growing outlet for fresh content and we wanted to tap into their extensive reach and increasing visibility," said Michael Stewart, managing partner of Work Effects. "With such an large readership, we felt that they were an excellent way to communicate our unique approach to creating trusted leaders and organizations."

Work Effects will continue to provide articles to Troy Media on a monthly basis with a rotating schedule of human resources related content.

About Work Effects
Work Effects, located in downtown Minneapolis, is a consulting firm with over twenty years of experience.  It helps clients deliver strategic results by developing more trusted leaders and organizations through training, coaching, and assessment programs.  With innovative solutions in the areas of leadership development, culture management, and performance management, Work Effects has become an industry leader in building trust from the inside out.  The company consults with clients using its modular solutions such as Revolution 360TM which assesses a leader's transformational capabilities, the Trust & CapacityTM survey which identifies the root culture drivers of an organization,  Performance Sum TM which measures and tracks individual and organizational performance, and Conflict Lens TM which identifies constructive outcomes to conflict in the work-place.  Work Effects works with clients ranging from mid-cap to Fortune 100 companies.

Troy Media
In 2010, total circulation/readership of Troy Media content was more than 530 million. To the end of August 2011, its circulation/readership was over 650 million, of which over 290 million was in print. Troy Media content is picked up extensively by web sites around the world and is read by more than 4.8 million readers weekly.

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Trust & Capacity Model

Trust is the basis of the four building blocks of a successful organization. Without it, the organization will fail. With it, success is measured exponentially. Getting to the root causes of workforce issues is a key to organizational competence regardless of industry. Knowing this, Work Effects has created the Trust & CapacityTM model with trust as the core driver to engagement, workforce capacity and stakeholder success.

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