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There is a clear connection between trusted leaders and a trusted organization. Without trusted leaders, you won't have a trusted organization. Without a trusted organization, leaders won't achieve the business objectives needed for their stakeholders. With trust, organizations can achieve great things and managers can become superstars.

Numerous studies link transformational leadership to success. Not only in revenue growth, but in positive outcomes such as: improved employee satisfaction, greater employee productivity, increased trust, and enhanced workgroup performance. While some organizations try to buy better leaders to build their leadership capacity, the supply is shrinking and becoming more costly. The organization that can consistently grow leaders from within the organization will have a significant competitive advantage.

Based on analysis of over 400 leadership models, Work Effects created the 4-R Model of Transformational Leadership (4-R) to illustrate the foundations of leadership: relationships, roles, responsibilities and results. Underlying these foundational attributes, Work Effects identified the BASICTM virtues needed to become a trusted leader can be learned by everyone. Like any activity, from sports to public speaking, with practice, anyone can learn to become a successful leader.

A trusted leader builds positive relationships. They are open communicators. They are willing to listen and adjust. They have integrity. They have the traits that inspire others and result in exponential results within the organization. Becoming a great leader can be learned and isn't a 'you got it or you don't' proposition.

To guide organizations through the process of developing better leaders, Work Effects utilizes its proven Revolution 360TM and Check-Up 360TM survey tools.

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Transformational leaders come in many forms and they may not be whom you expect them to be. Uncovering who they are, what are their strengths and how you can help them improve, is an important process that substantially contributes to an organization’s bottom line success. Utilizing the Work Effects Revolution 360TM survey assessment, clients have a proven tool to get the most out of their current and future leaders.

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