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Work Effects is one of the leading advocates on how to build trust in the workplace. We provide organizations of all sizes, data-driven programs that help meet business objectives. Our experienced team has developed hundreds of programs with client-specific metrics, conducted thousands of coaching engagements, delivered 1.5 million 360s and processed over 3 million employee surveys for our clients in over 60 countries.

We organize our practice into three areas: Leadership Development, Organization & Culture, and Performance Management.

Leadership Development – Building transformational leaders starts with BASICTM virtues. If these are present within leaders then your organization can grow and these leaders can pass these traits on to others. Through these virtues, Work Effects has created the 4-R Model of Transformational Leadership (4-R) that identifies the foundations of leadership: relationships, roles, responsibilities and results. Utilizing the 4-R model, Work Effects has two assessment programs that help organizations obtain the data needed to make good decisions:  Revolution 360TM and a follow-up assessment called Check-Up 360TM.  Click here to visit our Leadership Development practice.

Organization & Culture – Work Effects guides organizations with its Trust & CapacityTM solution to unlock the people barriers to achieving business objectives.  Typically 70% or more of an organization’s expenses are on people, thus focusing efforts to optimize this human capital can pay enormous dividends throughout the organization. Click here to visit our Organization & Culture practice.

Performance Management – Underlying every assessment program from succession management to 360s, is our robust PerformanceSUMTM performance management platform. This web-based data collection and real-time reporting system provides for secure data and customizable views that management can use to set and track goals, take action steps and manage performance. Click here to visit our Performance Management practice.

Work Effects employs a core team of consultants, project managers, technical developers, graphic designers and measurement specialists, along with a global network of individuals devoted to expert facilitation, change management, training, instructional design and one-on-one development.

For examples of how Work Effects has assisted its clients, please visit our Knowledge Center.

Contact Work Effects at 612-333-4272 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

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