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Work Effects has built a street-tested performance management system called PerformanceSUMTM.  This interactive, on-demand web-based platform is designed to accommodate global users with populations between 5 and 50,000 participants.

With the flexibility to meet the needs of most organizations, PerformanceSUM has a field-tested library of over 65 competencies that have been arranged into 11 super-factor groups. These competencies can be customized to meet the unique needs of any organization and aligned with an organization’s goals.

There are three implementation phases that we follow when providing a PerformanceSUM solution:

    Metrics. In collaboration with a designated steering committee, we ask the important questions that determine a successful implementation: What kind of goals will be set? What kind of resources will be available for individuals to develop their goals? What rating system will be used?

    Process Design. After the steering committee has completed its task and to assure a successful development process, Work Effects recommends using a process called MaxMixTM.  This refers to designating a process design group containing segments from across the organization (MAXimum MIXture of people).  This group may be as small as 20 or as large as 200 and would be responsible for indentifying all of the rules regarding the entire performance management cycle.

    System Configuration & Administration. Once the specifications and rules have been outlined by the process design group, the Work Effects IT department will implement your organization’s performance management goals as reflected in the new system.  Since PerformanceSUM is modular and reflective upon what each client requires, Work Effects can include a number of different modules including goal setting, mid-year reviews, appraisals, compliance reports, 360s and succession management among others.

Work Effects PerformanceSUMTM
If a trusted organization wants to put a performance management system into place, it will find that the results from implementing our PerformanceSUM system will be nothing short of astounding. Employees will be more engaged and productive, their goals will be aligned with the organization's, turnover will go down, loyalty will go up, training and talent acquisition costs will be reduced and trust will show a marked increase – employees will believe in management and both sides will work together.

To learn more about the Work Effects PerformanceSUMTM management system click HERE.

Work Effects Conflict LensTM
Also, an area that causes a lot of headaches within an organization is conflict. Work Effects created Conflict Lens, which teaches how to resolve conflict and promote trust between individuals and within an organization. By examining over 1,600 different conflict situations, Work Effects is able to show organizations how to effectively resolve conflict, resulting in better overall performance.

To learn more about the Work Effects Conflict LensTM solution click HERE.

About Work Effects
Work Effects, located in downtown Minneapolis, is a consulting firm with over twenty years of experience.  We help our clients deliver strategic results by developing more trusted leaders and organizations through training, coaching, and assessment programs.  With innovative solutions in the areas of leadership development, culture management, and performance management we have become an industry leader in building trust from the inside out.  We construct programs that are as unique as the client’s organization.  Our modular solutions use scientific tools such as our Revolution 360TM which assesses a leader's transformational capabilities, our Trust & CapacityTM survey, which identifies the root culture drivers of an organization,  our Performance Sum TM, which measures and tracks individual and organizational performance, and our Conflict Lens TM, which identifies constructive outcomes to conflict in the work-place.  We work with clients ranging from mid-cap to Fortune 100 companies.  Our highly experienced team of employees and consultants is very passionate about our work and the impact we have on others.

Contact Work Effects at 612-333-4272 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

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If you are looking for a street-tested performance management system, look no further than PerformanceSUMTM. This industrial strength system has a library of over 65 competencies arranged in 11 super-factor groups to help managers get the most from their employees. With the flexibility to accommodate up to 50,000 participants on a global platform, PerformanceSUM’s modular system can handle the needs of an organization including goal setting, appraisals, 360s, mid-year reviews and succession management.

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